Spectacular nature, excellent weather conditions, moderate snow cover, the village surrounded by a fabulous forest, with up to 240 inhabitants – this is a short description of Bakuriani in the late 19th century. Numerous such villages are found in Georgia, but a number of conditions have turned this once undistinguished village into one of the best resorts for Georgia and beyond.
The Bakuriani Alpine Botanical Garden of the Institute of Botany under the Georgian Academy of Sciences is located on the south-western slopes of the Bakuriani Range, at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. It was founded in 1910 on the western slope of Kokhtagora Mt. on the initiative of A. Rolov and A. Fomin. In 1934 the garden was transferred to the Georgian Institute of Botany. In 1937 the garden was laid out on a new territory. Its area makes 17 ha.
Seasonal Vacationing In Bakuriani Winter Bakuriani is one of the most beautiful winter resorts in the world. Extensive sunshine, high mountainous climate, average snowfall, 12 ski tracks of different difficulty, spectacular views, the renowned Georgian cuisine, and family atmosphere – all of this makes the winter spent here unforgettable!
Geographical Location and Climate Bakuriani is a community center (township) within Borjomi Municipality comprising the following villages: Didi Mitarbi, Patara Mitarbi, Patara Tsemi, and Sakochnavi. The status of a township was granted to it in 1926. It is the last point of the Borjomi-Bakuriani railway.
Kokhtagora is a mountain on the westernmost slope of Trialeti Range in Borjomi district. 2155 m in height it is formed of Paleogenic deposits. Its slopes are covered with dark coniferous (spruce) forest. Two cableways connect Kokhtagora with Bakuriani (1200 m) and Didi Mitarbi village (2500 m)...
დაბა ბაკურიანში 2011 ზამთრის სეზონისათვის კომპანია "ჯოილენდმა" გახსნა თანამედროვე სტანდარტების შესაბამის გასართობ პარკი, სადაც ყველა ასაკის დამსვენებელი დაისვენებს და გაერთობა აბსოლუტურად უსაფრთხო გარემოში.